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Homophobia and trans*phobia in The Hawkeye Initiative

Okey, I think is about time that I shared my thoughts on the subject.

But before adressing those subjects, I first need to clearify something.

A man wearing “girl” clothes is not necessarily transexual or transgender. Why? Because clothes are clothes and they don’t determine sex nor gender. A skirt is not something feminine, neither are high-heels. A man can wear skirt or high-heels without being trans*, a man can wear anything and still identify himself as masculine. The same with actitudes, sensitivity is not feminine, make-up is not femenine, being delicate is not feminine, as much as jean is not masculine, being strong (as in muscles) is not masculine, liking sports is not masculine.

We should stop living in this bigoted society that relates things that are not with gender and sex.

I mean, I was worn with a female reproductive system, and my favourite T-Shirt I bought in a “man“‘s store. Does that make me trans?? No it doesn’t, because, my gender is in my mind and my sex in my croch, not on my clothes.

Now, with all that in mind, then The Hawkeye Initiative is not about drawing Hawkeye in “girl’s clothes” but rather drawing Hawkeye in the same clothes that female characters are usually drawn by comic book “artists”.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any underlying trans*phobia by some users. I want to believe that it is made out of ignorance. Not so long ago, I probably have made trans*phobic actions, even homophobic and biphobic, and now I’m bisexual, and I had learnt and I know it.

Something that help me very much with it was that starting this blog, one of my followers is trans* and after knowing him, the subject was brought to my mind and it helped me ‘cure’ me of my ignorance after searching for more information and developing thoughs on it.

After all, we all accept the enviroment where we grow in and it usually takes something to makes us to think out of the box. And what we have to is educate people. That’s why I believe bringing this subject up is important.

That’s why I believe that THI in itself isn’t trans*phobic. However, the trans*phobia may relay on the artist who make some drawing and on the public who sees that art. Because most likely there are some people who think is funny to draw Hawkeye in “girl’s clothes” because that makes him trans* and that’s oh-so-funny. Or people in the public who think the same.

Now, in my honest opinion, THI is not about making Hawkeye trans* because we’ll never know how the character identifies himself/herself until he/she doesn’t say it. For me, the funny part on it is drawing the character in clothes that he would never use, bringing some OOC attitude and showing how for the sake of sexualizing you can break a character’s personality.

Meaning, if Emma Frost wears into a battle as armor a thong and a mini-bra isn’t out of character, if Kitty Pryde does, it is.

Now, on the homophobia subject.

Again, I don’t think that THI is homophobic in itself. Again, there might be some users who are homophobic. But then again, not every drawing featuring Hawkeye in a gay situation is homophobic.

For example, here is my submission (altough it hasn’t been published yet):


(And yeah, I totally forgot Wolvie’s bear like body hair)

Now, the intent of my drawing wasn’t laughing because I put Hawkeye in gay situations. Rather than pointing out that we would never see a pornograpic fight that gas gay subtext in the comic books because that isn’t attractive to the average straight-male.

Because this is part of the same sexism where is perfectly natural for a guy to be turn on by lesbianity, but when a girl is turned on by gayness, outside of Tumblr, she’s a complete freak and a perverted.

I don’t find my drawing funny because “oh, they’re gay”. I find it funny in a ironic and sad way, because in comic books we’re going to see millions of lesbian porn-fights, but never a gay-one. At the most we get “macho” situations, their fights are never sexualized as women fights are.

Now, this is my way of seeing The Hawkeye Initiative. I may be wrong, but at least, this is how I see it and why I decided to participate on it.

(And I use my drawing and not another one for two reasons, one, because I don’t want to blame any other artist and two, because I know what my real intentions were…)

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